Australian Permanent Residence Visa via Student Visa Pathway

Friday, 3 July 2009

It is possible for students who have undertaken study in Australia to remain in Australia at the conclusion of their studytraining and make application for Australian permanent residence via the general skilled migration program.

Candidates must undertake a minimum of 2 years study in Australia in a discipline that will lead the candidate to completion of an approved course of study that is relevant to an occupation that is listed on the skilled occupations list (SOL). The training must be undertaken at Australian Government approved training establishments that are CRICOS registered.

At the conclusion of the 2 years training, applicants must be able to meet the basic eligibility requirements for general skilled migration to Australia and satisfy the existing points test requirements. For more information on the basic eligibility requirements and general skilled migration visas click here.

Once students have completed 2 years of study they are given 6 months in which to make application for the necessary pre-migration skills assessment and lodge the general skilled migration visa application in Australia. If the tradesmencurrent student visa expires before the general skilled migration visa application has been decided the holder will automatically go on to a bridging visa that will keep them (and any immediate family who also hold visas) lawfully in Australia until the general skilled migration visa application has been decided.

If it is not possible for the student to meet the existing points test at that time it is possible to gain a student graduate visa that will allow the student to work full time in Australia for 1 year to gain further points towards the general skilled migration visa application (not applicable to all occupations).

Students are awarded additional points towards their total points score for holding an Australian qualification. Students will normally be required to gain a level of qualification that is a minimum of University degree, full diploma or AQF3/4 in order to make a successful general skilled migration visa application.

Once the student has completed their course and while awaiting the decision of the skilled migration visa they have full work rights available to them and their family as applicable.

For anyone considering using the student visa pathway to gain Australian permanent residence we would highly recommend that you speak with one of our consultants who will be able to assist you in determining a strategy that will give you the optimum prospects of making a skilled migration visa application at the conclusion of your training. We will also be able to advise you of the most suitable courses to consider and appropriate training providers. To contact our office click here.

To view our Student Visa to Permanent Residence FAQ’s click here.